Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope


Clear Image

The novel video processor brings excellent image helps you to see accurately and immediately.

  • Sterile Packaging

    The sterile packaging eliminates the risk of cross-infection and ensure patient safety, a trust from us that can deliver to the patient.

  • Up and Down 280° Large Bending Angle

    The bending angle of distal end is 280° up and down, which offers you the flexibility to perform in the procedure.

  • Passive Bending - easy Insertion

    When the flexible scope advances and encounters resistance, the resistance will be redistributed, so that the insertion tube can be automatically bent and speed up the insertion.

110° Wide Field of View

Thanks to the new miniature HD processor and a 110° field of view, you can have a wider view to perform more confidently in the procedure.


No repair or reprocessing costs, which greatly reduce the cost of healthcare provider.

Destop and Portable Video Processor

Endoso UR series Single-use ureteroscope supports both desktop and portable video processors, which provides versatility to different applications. There are multiple functions on the video processor such as white balance adjustment, Photography, video and freeze/unfreeze image. It can be connected to external screen.

  • White balance

  • Photography

  • Video recording

  • Freeze/unfreeze

Basic Product Specifications

Model Working channel diameter Outer diameter Working length Depth of Field Field of View Tip Angulation Up-Down
UR12 1.2mm 8.4Fr 670mm 3-50mm 110° Up/Down280°