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Become the World’s Leading Minimally Invasive Surgery Company

With the aging of the global population, the prevalence and consultation rate of severe, special and chronic diseases are increasing. Many people’s need of medical care are changing from treatment to early diagnosis and prevention, while the healthcare costs keep rising and technology is out-of-reach, which are becoming a heavy burden. We are dedicated and making all the effort to the develop and make minimally invasive surgery within reach.

Making Endoscopy Accessible, Let Patients Enjoy the Care of Life

While open surgical procedures are done through a large, open cut in the skin and cause longer recovery, minimally invasive surgery are becoming mainstream procedures. The notable benefits include less postoperative pain, shortened hospital stay, faster recovery times, and less scarring. The mission of Endoso is to make endoscopy more accessible to people in need.

Craftsman Spirit, Pursuit of Perfection and Win-Win

In Endoso, we value in person and work as a team. We focus on personal development and provide equal opportunity and return. We advocate diligence and pursuit of perfection, and to create value for stakeholders. It is our starting point and goal to meet customer needs and build trust across borders.


How We Change the World

Innovation is in Endoso’s gene, and we believe that innovation is the key to allow more people to have high-quality life and respect.


Develop and Manufacture Minimally Invasive Surgery Devices

Endoso is dedicated in R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-end medical endoscope systems and devices. We offer solutions for general surgery, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology and pulmonology with comprehensive portfolio include rigid endoscope systems, single-use flexible endoscopes and endoscopic accessories.

  • 3

    R&D centers

  • 50+

    R&D experts

  • 3000+

    m² Clean Room

  • 30+

    Patents Applied


Keep Climbing, Never Stop

Endoso gathers a group of talents from famous global companies, universities and research institutions. The core team has over 10 years industrial experience and dozens of leading technologies in endoscopy, such as advanced optical design, high-end imaging processing and precise manufacturing. The safety and efficacy of endoscopy in clinical application have much improved with the breakthrough products. We are aiming to become world class endoscopy brands by combing advantages with our global branch resources.


Relocation of Shenzhen Endoso Department II

The new office located in Private Enterprise Science Park, to support increasing market demand. NMPA approves single-use ureteroscope, single-use bronchoscope, thoracoscope and hysteroscope.


Shenzhen Endoso Department II was established

Located in TCL International e-City, Shenzhen. The team is growing and launched the first 4K endoscopy imaging system.


Hangzhou Endoso was established

Located in Biomedical Incubator, Zhejiang Province. 1,200 m² clean room.


F-Series electronic endoscope processor was approved to launch into the market


Hunan Endoso was established

Located in Medical Device Industrial Park, Hunan. 1,800 m² clean room.


Shenzhen Endoso was established

Located in Shenzhen (National) Biomedicine Innovations Industrial Park


Dare to Innovate and Grow Together

Endoso is committed to developing an innovative development platform for global talents who are interested in the minimally invasive medical industry. Here, we encourage you to create your value, to share ideas in different fields, and look for more possibilities.


Care Never Ends

For those who need help, we always bear kind heart and firm mind, and make every effort to offer our tender loving care.