Digital Endoscope Image Processing System

P Series

Bluetooth blood oxygen saturation and heart Rate monitoring and alarming
All-in-one system, clear image, easy to carry

Clear Image

Megapixel HD sensor, 1080P full HD video signal output, clear image.

Built-in Patient Information Management System

Just one-click to store real-time HD image and video.

  • USB data transfer

  • Built-in ≥32GB storage capacity

  • Image/video storage

  • Plug and Play

    Simply plug and start the procedure, the single-use bronchoscopes streamline your workflow.

  • Full-HD Touch Screen

    Full lamination technology eliminates air between display panel and the glass, allowing the screen to look more transparent and enhance the display performance. The touch screen offers immediate access to main function by one touch, and you could also set customized parameter.

  • Easy to Carry

    You can carry the lightweight monitor to a range of bedside procedures, no matter it’s intensive care unit (ICU), operating room or other point of care (POC) situation.

  • Foldable Multi-angle Stand

    You can adjust the angle of display to the best position to accommodate the clinical situation, either when you stand or sit.

  • Dual Connection Ports

    The dual connection ports allow two video inputs, help to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.

  • Medical HD Monitor

    Resolution of 12.1" monitor: 1280x800
    High-brightness LED backlighting with stable output
    Sealed screen for easy cleaning