Endoso Life Fully Self-developed Image Processor: Expanding Monitoring Functions with 4-camera Operating Simultaneously

1970-01-01 08:33:43

Just like the gradually portable trend of communication tools, medical devices are becoming increasingly lightweight and miniaturized, and so does the endoscopes. From traditional reusable to single-use, and then to portable single-use, not only the endoscope has changed into disposable consumables, but also its host has been developed into a portable multi-functional platform from a huge machine.

The Portable Digital Endoscope Image Processor fully self-developed by Endoso has won the favor of the majority of users since its launch with its clear and intelligible operation concepts and innovative functions.
Endoso Portable Digital Endoscope Image Processor

Product Features     

○ Detect and Alarm Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate via Bluetooth

Expand the monitoring functions, for the purpose of monitoring the blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and other parameters and giving necessary alarm in real time during the process of diagnosis and treatment, and thus improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.
○ Support Multi-camera and Multi-functional Dual Interfaces

Support up to 4-way endoscope connection and dual-USB camera being externally connected with visual double-lumen intubation and other accessories; Feature dual USB interface, HDMI interface and supported external display.
○ Comprehensive Image Functions                          

Support photographing, video recording, image scaling, brightness, contrast, automatic/manual white balance, image, video playback, image freezing, microphone, speaker and alarm light, etc.
○ Special Composite Shell Material                    

Adopt special composite materials for the shell, not only effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria on shell surface, but also withstanding harsh wiping with disinfectant.
○ Fanless and Low-noise Design                       

Feature low-power consumption and super heat dissipation with fanless design, truly realizing zero noise and bringing doctors comfortable experience.

○ Built-in Patient Information Management System              

Quickly edit, store and manage patient information and data.
○ Convenient to Carry and Place                 

Adjust the angle freely based on the patient’s standing or sitting posture, providing the doctors with a more convenient and clearer “Field of View” in the emergency room or at the bedside, especially for ICU examination.
○ Full Bonding Touch Screen, Easy to Clean                 

Available in 12.1-inch and 15.6-inch, with the resolution of 1280x800 and 1920x1080, respectively.

Advantages of Endoso Portable Host Compared with the Traditional One

1. Convenient to Carry, with Large and Beautiful Screen

The Portable Endoscope Image Processor integrates the features of professional high-end medical display screen (with a screen-to-body ratio of more than 95%), including convenient to carry and plug and play, etc., which can meet the needs of endoscope center, emergency bedside, emergency medical treatment, physical examination center, ICU and other medical scenarios.

2. Affordable Price, Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency

Different from desktop host, the portable endoscope image processor require no additional monitor by integrating the professional high-end medical display screen, not only possessing beautiful and elegant appearance, but also lowering the purchase cost. Meanwhile, it is also compatible with Endoso Single-use Digital Bronchoscope, Single-use Digital Ureteroscope and other endoscopes for multiple purposes, which has significantly reduced the costs of hospital procurement and management.

3. Complete Functions with Ingenious Design

Small as it is, incredible power it has. A sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. Endoso Portable Endoscope Image Processor has expanded the monitoring functions in addition to be equipped with the functions of commercially available endoscope processors. During the diagnosis and treatment process, the product can easily obtain the blood oxygen saturation, the heart rate and the patient’s other data, so as to make medical personnel feel comfortable and let patients feel at ease.